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Frequently Asked Questions


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When are the spelling tests?

We have a pretest on Wednesday and a final test on Friday.On 

short weeks, we do not have a pretest.

Are there redos?

Yes, anything below a 60% may be redone and averaged.Also, at the 

end of the

nine weeks, students may replace a low grade with an extra credit 


Can my child bring something to class to drink?

Yes, students may bring water in a container that will not spill 

(flip top 


How many AR points does my child need per week?

Each student is required to read a specific number of points per  

nine weeks. Students will be given a goal at the beginning of each nine weeks.



How long does my child have to turn in absent work?

Students are allowed two days for each day absent to complete  


Are there incentives in the classroom?

Yes, students can earn individual stars and group points to 

redeem on Thursdays if their all work and A.R. is caught up.

When are the reading tests?

Reading tests are on Thursdays. Students should study their 

vocabulary throughout the week for the test.We read the story 

together on Monday.