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Frequently Asked Questions


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Daily Assignments?

Assignments will be posted both in class and in our Google Classroom as needed for digital access of materials.


Google Class Login Information?

Student email:   first.last@robinhill.k12.ok.us / password is student number


  • We will have  our spelling test  each week on Thursday.
  • Reading comprehension tests over our weekly story will be given on the last day of the week.
  • All other subject area tests will be at the end of each lesson or chapter.  

Missing, late, and absent work?

It is very important that students complete and submit assignments on time in order to master that skill and to prepare for state testing.  

Thank you for your help  in reminding your children the importance of getting their assignments turned in as soon as they return if they are absent.

I will have tutoring times for those needing help.


Please check our online grade book for current averages and assignments.  Assignments and grades are entered and updated each weekend.  If you have questions, please contact me.

Redo/ Corrections?

Yes!  any student that scored below a 70% may correct their assignment and their scores will be averaged.

AR points?

New goals are set at the beginning of each nine weeks.  Students will be given their goals and they will be sent home too!

Homework/ Responsibility Folder?

Any unfinished daily assignments will become homework. 

These can be found in your child's "Responsibility" folder. 

Please ask each day to see their "Responsibility" folder to check for any notes or unfinished assignments and that it makes it back into their bag with their work.

If possible have your students:  study their spelling words. read a minimum of 20 minutes, and practice their multiplication facts at home each day.

Monday Folder?

All graded assignments, notes from the school, PTO, and community will be sent home on Monday.

Snacks and water bottles?

Students may bring individual snacks, if you'd like to send class snacks they will be greatly appreciated. 

Class snacks can be sent anytime, if we have extra they will be used for those students who may have forgotten their snack, thank you.

Please make sure your child has a water bottle with a lid to keep at their desk. 

If their water bottle becomes a distraction it will be kept in their cubby.