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Pre-K Handbook


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We are delighted to have your child attending Robin Hill Pre-K.  In order to ensure your child’s success, we have compiled the following information/guidelines for you.

Pre-Kindergarten may be the most important year of school your child attends.  We learn that learning is fun and adventurous.  We develop attitudes about school, responsibility for our own behavior and actions, respect for others, and many other skills.  It is important that your child understands that we (parents and teachers) are a team and are working together to help ensure their success.  Listed below are some of the procedures and expectations we have in Pre-K.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 405-321-4186 or email me at sjohnson@robinhill.k12.ok.us.

Arrivals and Departures

The cafeteria starts serving breakfast at 7:40am.  Classroom doors will open at 7:45am.

Pre-K will dismiss students at 2:30 to help with congestion in the halls and parking lots. If your child does NOT attend aftercare or ride the bus, Mrs. Johnson or Mrs. Davis will dismiss them from the front of the building, please wait outside.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled during the fall and the spring.  We are available at any time to conference with you by phone, email, or at school.  If you would like to meet at school, we ask that you schedule a specific time in advance, either before or after class time.


We ask that you send a backpack with your child every day.  Please provide a backpack that is large enough to hold a folder and their nap blanket.  Please do not send toys or pillows with your child.


Birthdays are a very special occasion in the life of a child.  The snack schedule will reflect each student’s birthday for that particular month.  They are welcome to bring a treat for the entire class on their “special day”, please refrain from sending cupcakes unless they are the small ones.  These treats will be eaten during our snack time.  Summer birthdays will be recognized at the end of the year.  Please note; teachers, parents, and students are not allowed to distribute party invitations at school unless every child is invited.

Book Orders

Book clubs offer children’s books at reduced prices throughout the year and every order that is placed helps teachers earn free books for the classroom.  These orders are sent home once a month.  All orders will be placed online.  I will give an order closing date.  Our classroom code is P83M9.


We will visit the library once a week.  Please return library books each week.  Your child will not be allowed to check out another book until they return their checked out book.

Transportation Changes

If your child is to ride home a different way or if they need to leave early, please don’t forget to send a note or call the school at    405-321-4186. You MUST check your child out through the office before we can release your child from our room.  This is for your child’s protection.

Progress Report Card

Every nine weeks I will send home a Progress Report Card.  This will inform you of what your child has learned. 

Monday Folders

Every Monday we will be sending home a “Monday Folder” with your child.  This folder will contain important information about what is happening at Robin Hill.  Contents will include student’s work, notes from Robin Hill Warriors PTO, Mrs. Baughman, etc.  Please take everything out of the folder and return each week.  Be sure to look through all of the papers that are in your child’s folder.


Your child will be eating lunch in the classroom this year (no dark drinks, please).  If you choose for your child to eat a hot lunch from the Cafeteria please make sure you check the menu to make sure that we are serving something your child will eat.  Your child may bring their lunch whenever they would like.  Please keep in mind that we are not able to microwave any meals for the students. 

Water Bottles

Please provide your student with a water bottle. Make sure they are able to open the bottle independently. Please also make sure you are only filling the water bottle with water, thank you!


Children will take turns bringing classroom snacks according to an alphabetical listing of last names.  We will send home a snack calendar at the beginning of the month in your child’s Monday folder.  Please make sure you send at least 24 snacks, one for each child.  We try to encourage healthy snacks.  Suggestions include: Goldfish Crackers, fruit snacks, pudding, Teddy Grahams, applesauce, etc.  These may be individually wrapped or large quantity packaging.  No homemade items, please.

Papers Sent Home

All papers will be sent home in the children’s Monday folder.  If your child is absent, the work that was completed on that day will be sent home; this will be an uncompleted paper (this will not be counted against them).

Rest Time/ Nap Time

We do have a rest time that lasts an hour. Your child is not required to sleep; however, they must lie down to rest.  Your child may bring a blanket to cover up with during this time.  If you choose to send a blanket, it must stay in your child’s backpack each day.  We do not have room to store blankets in the classroom.  Please do not send pillows, toys, or stuffed animals for rest time as these tend to be a distraction during a time of rest.

Manuscript Handwriting

This is the type of handwriting your child will learn to write in the classroom.  Please encourage your child to write this way.  Remember, letters always start at the top. 

Money Sent to School

Please send all money in an envelope. On the outside of the envelopes, please include the child’s name, teacher, what the money is for, and how much money is in the envelope.


Your children will be learning new concepts and skills every day!  It is very important to ensure your child’s success by having them there every day and on time so that their learning is not compromised.