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3rd Grade Information


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Welcome to Mr. Schulz's 3rd Grade Class


I am pleased and excited to have your child this year! I would like to take this opportunity to explain a few of my classroom policies. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know! Thank you in advance for all you do as a parent! Your support doesn’t go unnoticed and will inevitably reinforce your child’s success for MANY years to come!

Morning Opening

Each day, our class recites the “Pledge of Allegiance” and the “Oklahoma Pledge”. We will then observe a moment of silence.


I will use ClassDojo for parent communication purposes. Some teachers use this application to track student points, but I will not. This will be parent communication only. I will post pictures and updates for what we are doing in class.

Classroom Rules

Rule Number 1: Listen when someone is talking.

Rule Number 2: Follow directions the first time they are given.

Rule Number 3: Treat everyone with kindness and respect.

Rule Number 4: Take care of our school and classroom.

Rule Number 5: Work safely and quietly.

Rule Number 6: It's okay to make mistakes!

Discipline Plan

1st: The student will get a reminder of expectations and/or our classroom rules. 

2nd: The student will get a verbal warning.

3rd: The students will be reminded again, and will miss out on 5 minutes activity time or 5 minutes of recess.

4th: The student will be reminded again, and will miss out on all of activity time or all of recess.

5th: The student will receive a discipline slip that will need to be reviewed by the parent or guardian, signed and returned to me the very next school day. If discipline slip is not returned, I will call to discuss the situation with the parent or guardian.

6th: The student will be sent to the principal’s office where a behavior plan may be written.

Depending on levels of severity, some steps may be escalated. If the student misses out on activity time or recess, they will spend their time walking laps around the playground (so that they are still active) OR they will spend their time working on what they missed out on in the classroom.

"Discipline is teaching, not punishment."--T. Berry Brazelton


Your child will work in small groups, large groups, independently, and with teammates. We will read several different stories throughout the week ranging from poetry, fables, fiction, and non-fiction. Your child will bring their class reader home on Tuesdays, please make sure that you sign their reader after they read every week as this will be for a grade.


Your child will participate in a wide variety of mathematic activities. your child will learn through hands-on experiences, discussions, and exploration. The new learning will be reinforced through carefully considered practice.


Your child will learn physical science, life science, and earth/space science.

Social Studies

Your child will expand their world beyond their homes and classrooms to the larger idea of neighborhoods and communities. They will also explore Oklahoma in a new and exciting way!



Newsletters will come home weekly. In it, you will be kept up to date as to what your child is learning for the week, upcoming dates, helpful reading tips, and additional information that you, as parents, need to know. Newsletters will also be updated on my class webpage.


You may send snacks to school to celebrate your child’s birthday. I would like to know beforehand, so that I can make sure we have enough time left in our day to celebrate. I will pass out the snacks at the end of the day. Please do not bring cake or ice cream…cupcakes or cookies work well! Please do not pass out birthday party invitations in class unless all students in the class are being invited.

We collect Box Tops for Education throughout the year. Some months, we may have a competition for which student can bring the most Box Tops for the month. I encourage you to collect Box Tops for Education. Each Box Top received is money that goes directly to our school!