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D - K-8th English Language Association (ELA) Classes


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Lessons are individual to the student.  A variety of materials are used to help improve their reading skills.  Some of the materials are assignments from the regular classroom, reading books, workbooks, worksheets, games, computer lessons, Promethean board lessons, and other additional material that I find that can be fun and interesting to learn. For the Success of your child in ELA, he or she should read at least 30 minutes with you or on his or her own.

Moby Max helps to improve their reading, vocabulary, and language skills.  Spelling City is a great resource to learn vocabulary and spelling words.

Study Island is a test prep to help students to improve on their ELA skills.

Get Epic is a reading program to that will help struggling students become better readers.  It has a feature for the books to be read to the students, which has proven to help improve word recognition and comprehension.  Go to https://www.getepic.com/sign-in; click on the right side, enter class code; enter the code - ajv3982.  Student's find there name and begin reading or listening to books read to them, and have fun!

Please read at least 30 minutes a day with your child!


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